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Chalecus's News

Posted by Chalecus - 2 weeks ago

I'm gonna be out of social media and stop making content for a month because I need to put all my attention and power to my thesis defense, schedule to be on my damn birthday, 18/08.

I've been on an infernal ride with my thesis project and finally I have a date to wrap everything and be free after this.

This has been holding me and my plans since even before the pandemic started so I'm hoping everything goes well and according to plan. And for that, I need to concentrate.

Until then, my friends. Love ya and take care <3



Posted by Chalecus - 1 month ago


at 6:30 P.M. (Eastern Time) I will be doing an art stream where I will be talking about future projects and what's to come. I'll be doing a Q&A too and drawing suggestions from you.

I mainly talk in Spanish BUT if you have any questions or something to say, do it in English and I'm gladly will answer to it in English too. But since most of the people (like 5 actual viewers) speak Spanish, I stick to that.

See ya there~




Posted by Chalecus - June 27th, 2020

Hello there! It's been a long time!

Last week I made myself a Twitch to stream as a way of distraction from current work, stress and state of the whole pandemic.

I'm mainly speaking in spanish but I can totally talk in english if you send questions in chat.

I'm currently playing SWB2 (with a lot of lag sometimes), an old Asterix game that I love and also drawing some stuff. I plan to hop on more games and things eventually, and I'm making some more content for the channel.

I'm still getting the hang of it with all the streaming software and what not so please be patient if there's some problems.

I hope you can give it a look sometime!

My Twitch


As for artistic projects themselves, I got a few that are close to be finished, including some more information about my short film. The state of my life in this quarantine is very messy and confusing, so I'm making an strategy to get around some stuff so I can have time and space at my disposal.

I'm currently working on a comission that is taking most of my time but it's close to end soon. I have big plans for projects and opening comissions in the near future.

I hope you all are safe and stay strong in this chaotic times that we live in.

Love ya <3




Posted by Chalecus - June 8th, 2020

I'm gonna be quite busy this month.

That means that I will not have time to make new content. If everything goes nicely, I will finally show publically my short film at the end of this month.

Thanks again for your support and see ya on the other side~



Posted by Chalecus - May 11th, 2020




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Posted by Chalecus - April 18th, 2020

April 9 was Penumbra's 4th birthday! I couldn't do something on that date but I wanna do it now!

She's my main character.

She was the start of me making a story adding more and more characters to the mix. She started as a joke and quickly became a protagonist.

She's so precious to me <3 And I can't wait to show you what's in store for her and the gang!

Happy 4th Birthday Penumbra!




Posted by Chalecus - December 31st, 2019

Happy New Year's Eve! Or depending in some places in the world, Happy New Year!

2019 was an important and busy year for me. Not only I joined NG but also started working on a short animated film as my thesis project. I also started practicing backgrounds and established my OC's so much more.

I'm incredibly grateful for all the support I've received here with my artwork and my animation. You don't know how happy I was that both of my past projects, the Oney Plays Animated and the DKC Collab, were frontpaged/daily selected and not only that, but a couple of my drawings and gif's also made it in. Best of all, I can stop being so grateful that a new character I created, Kahoon the crocodile, was frontpaged in a little animation test and also in a poster I made supporting the people of Chile, my country. I'm moved that my silliness and my character could carry a message about the conflict in my country to the rest to the world, thanks to being frontpaged.

2019 was a crazy year with highs and lows, but I'm glad that it happened and I hope we can learn and take inspiration into the future.

Now what's in store for 2020?

I'm currently in the middle of the clean up process of my thesis project. I had to finish it in January-February because I have to exhibit it in March. So, the next three months will be really tough and posts here will be low.

After that I can post more regularly, but I will take a break before doing that. I also have to search for jobs, so I think I finally can be open to comissions while I do that.

As for personal projects, I want to do more with my characters. I have been working on a story for Penumbra and the rest, but I wanna start with simple things involving the characters. Little animated shorts, comics, stuff like that. Once I land a story structure, maybe I will open a patreon or something to fund a short, a pilot or a larger comic. Everything will fall into place once I get there.

I want to do drawings streams, I want to set goals on ko-fi, I want to do drawing giveaways, all that stuff the cool kids do. So I hope and I'm sure that 2020 will be an awesome year to start this new life.


I hope you have a wonderful night, thank you again for your love and support, I wish you all a magnificent 2020 and I'll see ya all in the other side <3




Posted by Chalecus - August 8th, 2019


I just wanted to make a post about my oldest OC Bafof, who turned 5 years, on August 5th!

5 years! How the time flies~

It's been an incredible ride since then! He was not the first OC's thought out as a recurrent character, that place goes to Penumbra, and thanks to her, everything started to fall into place, making the return of Bafof!

Bafof was created for a comic for a class in my university. Here's the first drawing ever made of him.


Since then, the design has changed, as my skills improved over time, but the essence has been the same!

This one here, is the first ever drawing to debut a group of characters that will become my recurrent oc's. At this point I have established a story around Penumbra, and the rest of the gang would be the people who she interacts with in the town. Bafof would be a teacher of self-defense and "understanding your own soul" guide for her, alongside getting a new characteristic: Now he was a chef of his own restaurant!


While the years passed, a lot of more drawings of Bafof have been made, and he has become one of my favourite characters I've ever created. And I will continue drawing him until I die!


Also! You can check out the drawings of him that I have uploaded to Newgrounds! I would appreciate it if you give it a look, a like, favourite them or whatever! In any case, thanks for your support!